Pilates Testimonials:

After several years of deteriorating health and trying different methods to recover (including other pilates instructors) that only seemed to end with new injuries, I am SO glad I finally found KellyFor the first time in years I have hope, and every time I leave her studio I feel amazing.  Her knowledge of the body is both impressively scientific and also amazingly sensitive and intuitive --I can tell by her reactions that she can sense the small nuances in my movements that will mean the difference between doing an exercise correctly and straining the wrong part. Because of my injuries we've had to go slowly but she has been incredibly creative, finding a multitude of ways to exercise around the injured areas while building up strength so that we keep progressing, and even though it's only been a couple of months I can tell that my pain is lessening, and most importantly, I'm finally getting stronger again.  On top of all that, she's just a truly lovely person, who clearly really cares about helping her clients feel better.  I wish my doctors had as much dedication!

-  Maya

I learned Pilates after a devastating car accident, I was disabled to work as a dentist and Pilates was the only thing that enabled me to restore my strength to return to work.  Kelly has gently guided me through the long process of dealing with the injury and trauma. She is a gentle healer as well as a fantastic Pilates teacher. 

-  Mona

I have been taking Pilates classes for about 20 years, and recently started studying with Kelly.  Her classes are challenging, yet accessible, and each time I feel that I learn something new.  She is attentive and observant, and has an excellent understanding of the body and body mechanics.  A gifted teacher.

-  Oakland, CA

Serving the East Bay Area in Oakland.