Pilates and Joint Health

Hi Friends,

A quick a note on Pilates and why it can be so supportive for maintaining joint health.

Many of you have heard me talk about how Pilates is strengthening you in your most bio-mechanically sound posture, where the shock of gravity and exerted force is carried through your joints and spine in the most optimal way.

Why this is of particular relevance in regards to joint health is because cartilage is avascular (meaning does not have blood supply), being compromised of 95% water and matrix and 5% chondrocytes. Cartilage health depends on the compression and release of weight bearing movement so that fluid is pumped into and out of it, keeping it healthy.

Osteoarthritis is an example of a common diagnosis for joint issues and is characterized by disruption and loss of joint cartilage. Western protocol is to encourage movement and attempting to maintain as much range of motion as possible. Pilates can be extra supportive here through focused, aligned movement of the joints, which causes less stress and inflammation to the structure than mis-aligned movement.


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