Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine Testimonials:


My daughter has been seeing Kelly for eczema treatment for over a year and the results are amazing. The itching and flare ups are significantly reduced.  She no longer needs to use steroid creams prescribed by her pediatrician. I can't thank Kelly enough for her help in treating my daughter!

- Alameda, CA

I met Kelly when she was doing her last year internship at AIMC.  I must say I feel very fortunate. She was always very warm and kind, and treated me with respect and true interest for my well-being.  She always addressed my issues in a very meticulous way and after every treatment I felt great; with no pain and with more energy.  She has angel´s hands!

Kelly was considered one of the best students in the clinic at that time.  I was lucky that I booked all my appointments with her at the beginning of her internship because it was very difficult to get one once she started working with more patients.  Everyone wanted to be treated by her!  Kelly is not only a loving and very talented acupuncturist, but she is a very generous and caring person.  She always offered me her guidance, help and support in any matter.

What can I say?  In a few words Kelly is an extremely talented, wonderful and loving healer and human being.  Thank you for everything Kelly!

-  Tamara

I have had many acupuncture sessions with other practitioners that have been helpful, but Kelly's approach and precision with the medicine is remarkable.  She is so present, caring and thorough in a way that always left me feeling deeply met.  With her, exploring what I needed for my healing always had a positive result.  It was nice to be met with such intelligence while also being cared for in such a competent way.

-  Judy

The first time I saw Kelly was during an ocular migraine, something I have struggled to find effective treatments for.  Kelly could see that I was in pain and did an excellent job of getting the important info in a short yet thorough way, hurray!  I always appreciate when practioners don't prolong my suffering with an endless stream of questions.  She used a few needles with a gentle and stimulating technique.  I could feel things start to move and then she tried some contact needling where they don't insert the needle and wow that made all the difference.

Every time I went in for a treatment with Kelly I was greeted with an open pleasant disposition.  She has a way of being personable, friendly and professional, her intakes were always focused and helped me a storytelling rambler stay focused too so I got more bang for my buck with my treatments! As a Queer transgender person I found her to really hold a safe open welcoming space and to really just work with the human in front of her. She is tremendously skilled, respectful, kind, compassionate, and delivers lasting treatments that relieved numerous ailments for me. Thanks Kelly! Look forward to my next treatment!!!!!

-  Berkeley, CA

Serving Oakland, Lafayette and the East Bay Area.