Acupuncture / Herbal Medicine Appointments:

  • New Patient Appointments: 60-90 minutes, $150

  • Follow Up Appointments: approximately 60 minutes, $95

At this time, I am not taking insurance.  Credit cards accepted.

To make an appointment email

What to Expect:

New Patient Appointments are a bit longer as we go through a more complete health history and talk through the main issue(s) bringing you in. 

At your first follow up appointment, we will have a better sense of how your body responded to the initial treatment, and be able to come up with a rough treatment plan (the number and frequency of treatments) to address your chief concern(s). 

If interested in an herbal formula, we can begin discussing that at your first or second follow up.  We usually do not add in herbal support on the first treatment to ensure we have a sense of how your body is responding to treatment and to clarify your constitutional patterns prior to introducing a formula.

If New to Acupuncture:

Remember to wear (or bring) comfortable clothing - pants that will roll to above your knees and shirts that will roll to above the elbow.

Make sure you have eaten within a few hours prior to coming in and that you have not been drinking alcoholic beverages prior to your treatment.

It is usually best not to plan rigorous exercise following your appointment.

What Can Acupuncture / Herbal Medicine Treat?:

Oriental Medicine is a comprehensive medical system, so it has the potential to address a wide variety of human issues. 

It is a wonderful way of getting to the root cause of many things, such as digestive issues, sleep problems, anxiety, depression, chronic pain, reoccurring headaches, skin complaints, female health issues, etc.

It can help while moving through challenging life circumstances, such as the loss of a loved one, career or relationship changes, feeling emotionally overburdened or stuck, and recovering from a traumatic experience.

It can assist in healing orthopedic injuries, strengthen the immune system and much more.  It is a natural and gentle way of supporting the body in its own healing and vitality.

If you have any questions if acupuncture or herbal medicine may help or address a certain issue, please call or write. 

Gifting Sessions:

If you wish to gift someone a treatment, or series or treatments, gift certificates are now available.